Pilot distillation column

Pilot testing of distillation, reactive distillation and absorption process before industry implementation provides an opportunity for our customers select best technology solution, prepared correct document for government project submission, and check market need in final products specification before production. As results of co-operation with our team you will get most efficiency and profitable solution for your project.

Service for our customers:

  • Technology development of new process in cooperation with industrial and research institutions partners
  • Modeling and experimental validation of distillation, reactive distillation and absorption process
  • Obtaining final product specifications
  • Feasibility studies

Technological settings pilot distillation column:

60 kW
Liquid flow
0.2 – 1 m3/hr
Speed of vapor
0.3 – 20.0 m/sec
Cooling water
100 kW
Pressure range
5kPa - 1MPa
Number of distillation trays
21 psc
Column diameter
Ø 300 mm


Operation modes of the pilot distillation column:

Stripping column
Stripping column without selection of the bottom liquid
Rectification part of column
Rectification column at infinite Reflux Ratio (R=∞)


The pilot distillation column operates in continuous and batch mode in a closed loop without time constraints. Samples can be taken from any part of unit. Distillation column can be use for separation of inhomogeneous liquid mixtures in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, gas processing, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Process Innovation:

The fundamental difference of cyclic distillation column from conventional technology (columns) is increasing mass transfer in 2…3 times. This gives opportunities to less column height in 2…3 times; lower hot and electricity energy consumption 20…35% because lower reflux rate and reduction column height; smaller square of the heat exchanger; less steel construction and other. In total we have lower investment cost of project 20…50%. The high level of competition in business gives a high rate of improvement of production processes with a constant increasing of the quality of the products and reducing of their costs. The leadership position in the market could be provided by permanent scientific research development.


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