Distillation Column Automation

MALETA Cyclic Distillation Automation provides modern solution for optimization technological processes. We offer a unique range of products and systems that deliver end-to-end solutions, and comprise the core technology capabilities for the manufacturing and processing industry.




  1. Analyzing technology
  2. Making project of automation process
  3. Writing specifications for all equipment
  4. Searching for optimal price/quality solutions of automation system
  5. Negotiation of all technical, technological and financial questions
  6. Programming PLC
  7. Creating SCADA-system
  8. Test and conduct working process and safety of automation system


Any technological solution is unique. Our job is to understand the technology in complete privacy. We propose the creation of an automation system that provides exclusive technology. Our solutions include the latest developments and neuro fuzzy systems, adaptive algorithms. We will carefully carry out all the processes of modeling, which would ensure the adequacy of the technology. Synergetics automation solutions will optimize the technology and get the highest quality product with minimal loss of raw materials and energy here.



Our automation systems are hi-modern and based on 3 levels.

First level includes sensors and actuating mechanisms. We pay much attention to technology, so before creating request letters for first level equipment we modeling process. All staff must have correct measurement limits and Ex d IIC certificate of explosion proof for petrol and spirit production. For that level we use such trademarks like Siemens, Metran, Tera, Tyco, Khroneetc because we sure in quality and safety.

Second level include PLCs. That level have to guarantee gathering information from sensors of first level and making control according to technology by actuating mechanisms(valves, pumps, frequency convertors, motors etc).PLC is brain of factory, that is why no reason to economy. We prefer to use Schnieder or Siemens PLC.

Third levelis HMI. That level making smart connection between operator and process via Scada system.



For building modern automation system we use 3 levels of network that guarantee success data transfer:



  1. Information Network: The high-grade PLC and HMI complete data uploading and real-time monitoring on the Internet/Intranet.
  2. Control Network: The network supports CANopen, DeviceNet, Profitbus-DP, LonWorks and so on for achieving high responding speed and real-time data transmission.
  3. Component Network: All of our industrial automation products are equipped with Modbus protocol and therefore are able to complete data transmission and procedure monitoring through RS-232/422/485 communication ports.



MaletaCD offers a new mode of work by distillation column (cyclic mode) that made possible through the development of new mass transfer contact devices (column internals) which work in cyclic mode. This technology with interesting from the point of view of automation, as combines cyclic processes the analog production. To automate the process of Maleta distillation columns necessary pattern recognition algorithms or conduct training neural systems. To provide a friendly interface of SCADA- systems provides for the implementation of decision support subsystem, which is based on fuzzy logic.


Upon automation reach optimal parameters of temperature, pressure, reflux ratio and number of cycle operations, this technology is capable ensure for Maleta distillation columns maximum quality and minimum consumption of energy compared to all the world leaders of distillation columns manufacture.


An important step, which is always present in our development is the ease of use and high security. Friendly user interface and system for forecasting problems based on control charts that will provide process performance and durability.


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