Ethanol dehydration equipment

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC owns the technology and equipment for the implementation of projects for the production of bioethanol (fuels ethanol). Our dehydration system created on the basis of innovation technologies which provide an opportunity for reducing the capital cost of construction for new and reconstruction of existing facilities, improving the energy efficiency of production and quality of the final product. For our customers, we offer three technology solutions of dehydration ethanol.

I. Ethanol Dehydration by Molecular Sieves
II. Ethanol Dehydration by Extractive Distillation using Ethylene Glycole
III. Ethanol Dehydration by Azeotropic distillation using Cyclohexane


  • Fuel ethanol 99,8 %vol.
  • Environment safe method;
  • Lower capital expenditure (CapEx);
  • Significant savings in operating costs (OpEx).

Our company offers the new solutions for satisfying your needs. Our service includes - equipment manufacturing, engineering and post-guaranty service.


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