Distillation Column Revamping

Modern requirements to the distillation process are more stringent energy consumption and the quality of the final products. Many of existing distillation column being revamped to more efficiency that gives opportunities to have energy saving, improvement of product quality and increase of product yield. Some of columns should be absolutely revamped for new one and some of them can be change column internals. In case of revamping column internals/trays we can use existing installation, heat exchangers, condensers, reboilers, tanks, pumps and others instrumentation. Column revamps need individual approach and should goes step-by-step.

Our company is proposing two cases of revamping existing columns

  1. Revamping your column internals to high efficiency Maleta trays
  2. Renovation your common two-column system to one dividing wall column

Results of revamping

  • reduce column high at 1.5 … 2.0 times (in case revamping internals)
  • reduce energy consumption at 20… 30 %
  • reduce cost of revamping
  • reduce operating costs
  • improvement of product quality
  • increase of product yield
  • minimum time of revamping

Stages of revamping

Step 1. Audit of existing system (detect areas in technology that need optimization and test actual status of column body and additional equipments).
Step 2. Development individual solutions (process simulations and optimization; pilot plant testing (if necessary); trays and column design; feasibility studies).
Step 3. Concordance with the customer our technical solution and integration it correct process, cost and time line of reconstruction.
Step 4. Manufacturing of distillation trays.
Step 5. Installation additional automation systems.
Step 5. Trays/accessories delivery.
Step 6. Installation/supervision.
Step 7. Start-up of new column after renovation.
Step 8. Staff training and create regulations, instructions.
Step 9. Project management.
Step 10. Guarantied and post-guaranteed service.

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