Alcohol distillation equipment

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC is suppliers the technology and complex equipment for ethanol distillation department. Our Distillation Tower in cyclic mode, allow you to get ethanol directly from the rectified beer with less energy, water, manpower and with high yieldof ethanol. Technological capabilities of our column significantly exceed the capacity of conventional columns. As a result we have got from 2 to 4 times more tray efficient separation of components and a reduction from 1,5 to 2 times the power input into the process (important note: reducing the investment and operation costs).

For Industrial Grade Alcohol Plants we supplier:

Beer stripping column or mash column

The beer column is the first column in the technological flowsheet and requires considerable capital and operational costs of removing alcohol from the mash. The purpose beer column is selecting ethanol from mash with concomitant impurities. Reducing energy consumption of our column is provided by high efficiency distillation column internals. Improved organoleptic characteristics associated with reduced time spent mash in the column, also reducing the number of formations aldehydes and esters. The comparison of design and technological parameter of beer column with sieve trays and beer column with Maleta’s internals.

Technological performance of Beer Columns
Type of distillation trays
Sieve Trays
Maleta’s internals
Liquid flow, L, m 3 /m2hr
Steam flow G, kg / h
Number trays pc.
Speed vapor in column V, m / s
The height of the column, m

Hydro-selection distillation column

Hydro-selection distillation column is designed for highlight the volatile impurities from distillate. The volatile impurities are selected in the top of the column and output from the industrial process to the storage or to the distillation column of impurity concentration. The hydro-selection column is consist of striping and distillation part.

Rectification column (alcohol distillation column)

Alcohol distillation column designed for raising of the concentrations of ethanol (spirit) to 96.4% and get rid from impurities: fusel alcohol, aldehyde, akrolein, diethyl ether, etheric e.t.c. The distillation tower has closed heating (reboiler). The water with concomitant impurities is selected in the bottom of the column. Ethanol released from impurities selected in the liquid phase from 2 to 12 distillation trays counting from top in the area of “pasteurization”.

Distillation column of final purification (producing alcohol)

The Column of the final purification of ethanol, operating in the hydro-selection mode: reduces the content of methanol in 1.3 ... 2 times, reduces the aldehydes content to 0.2 mg / liter; increases oxidation ethanol per 1 ... 2 min; improves organoleptic properties of ethanol. This specific steam consumption in the cyclic mode is 0.3 ... 0.4 kg / liter (for bubble column in standard mode is 0.6 ... 0.8 kg / liter).

Methanol distillation column(producing alcohol)

The column of concentrate methanol removes end impurities which fly at high concentrations of ethanol. The methanol column included in distillation department for cleaning unpasteurized ethanol from rectification column (ethanol distillation column) and from final purification column in the amount 7…10 % of plant capacity. The bottom liquid for methanol column purified from the head and the upper end of impurities directs to rectification column (ethanol distillation column), and the concentrate in the amount of 0.2…0.3 % derived from the distillation department. Methanol distillation column performs the following tasks:

  • Reduces the content of methanol in alcohol to 4 decimal places
  • Reduces of aldehydes in alcohol
  • Increases the oxidation of alcohol
  • Improves the organoleptic characteristics of alcohol
  • Increases capacity of ethanol plant

Distillation column of impurity concentration (producing alcohol)

The column of chemical impurity concentrationis set to release the alcohol from overhead by concentrating the head and upper intermediate impurities.For improving the yield of impurities in hydro-selection column is using water supply .The Column of impurities concentration performs the function of additional hydro-selection column for the purification of contaminated flows. Purified bottoms liquid is delivered for further processing to the process.Release of additional ethanol for 3 ... 4 % is possible due to the higher concentration of impurities main character (esters and aldehydes) namely of 0.6 ... 0.7 % of plant capacity and specific consumption of steam 0.07 ... 0.08 kg / liter (for bubble column in standard mode is 0.3 ... 0.4 kg / liter).

Distillation column in a cyclic mode allows reducing capital costs for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing ethanol plant, while reducing the manufacture cost and improving the quality of the final product.

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