Industry application of distillation column

Industry Application of Distillation System

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC is engaged in complex projects in continuous and batch distillation, single- and multi-stage distillation, azeotropic, extractive and reactive distillation for chemical, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical and ethanol industries.

From First Contact to Project Turnkey

The easiest way to understand how to build distillation unit is contact to us by phone +38 (050) 178-555-0 or send letter with your project details and requirements to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We'll tell you about the technology, project components and the approximately investment for free.

Based on your requirements we will provide an approximately individual commercial offer, which can be sent by e-mail, or we can discuss it at a meeting in the office.

After getting preliminary assessment of project investment and technology we can show our distillation systems and give excursion of the manufacturing enterprise.

Stages of Project Implementation:

1. Contract for Preliminary Design

2. Examination of the construction site

3. Contract for Base and Detail "Project" that include:

  • the design of the process part;
  • design of distillation columns, mass transfer and non-standard equipment;
  • the design of the automation system;
  • the design of cooling system;
  • the 3D modeling of unit;
  • the design of the communications system;
  • the design of steel structures;
  • the design of buildings and additional department.

4. Manufacturing of distillation columns, mass transfer and non-standard equipment;

5. The complication of the standard equipment and automation systems;

6. Delivery of equipment and accessories;

7. Installation or chief installation of equipment and automation systems;

8. Commissioning and start-up of the distillation system;

9. Create regulations, instructions and specifications;

10. Staff training;

11. Coordination and project management;

12. Service and after sales services.


What will you Finally Have?

- Due to high quality and low cost of the final product, you could take up leading position on the market;
- Simplicity of project management, operation stability and operational reliability;
- Reduction in current costs.

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