White Spirit Distillation System

For our costumer we proposes distillation unit for separated hydrocarbon solvents from crude oil. Raw material for distillation unit is light fraction of crude oil, temperature of boiling is from 40 to 340 C. Our technology and equipment make possibilities to produce high-quality products with low project investment and operating costs.


White Spirit Distillation System

Our company proposes construction of white spirit distillation plant for producing height quality white spirit from kerosene. Kerosene distillation occurs due to different boiling point components. For separation we use fractionation distillation column and dividing-wall columns (DWC-column). For project capacity from 10 to 50 Mt per day (by raw materials), we propose batch distillation system. For capacity from 50 Mt we propose continuous distillation system. The output of white spirit depends of kerosene quality. As a result, we can obtain next fractionation products:

  • Light fraction (aromatic)
  • White spirit from 3 to 5 fractions
  • Heavy kerosene (winter diesel)

White spirits have boiling ranges (temperatures at which they start and finish boiling) 300°F - 430°F (140°C - 220°C). White spirits are used as solvents or diluents in thinners for paints and varnishes, paint driers, color printing of fabrics, for metal cleaning and degreasing, in furniture and rubber industry, for waxes and polishes, in dry cleaning e.t.c.


Components of the project:

  • Tanks Storage
  • Distillation system
  • Cooling system
  • Boiler system
  • Automation system
  • System of electric power facilities
  • Buildings and steel structures
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Pier



  • Consumes less space;
  • Innovation technology (cyclic distillation column, DWC)
  • Low investments into the project
  • High quality White Spirit
  • Individual approach to the project




We offer "turnkey" solutions in production industry solvent. Contact to us and we’ll make an assessment of investment in your project.

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