Dividing Wall Column (DWC)

MaletaCD is manufacturer and supplier dividing-wall columns (DWC). These engineering solutions are opportunity to combine the required number of columns for the separation of multicomponent mixtures in a one column. The design of Maleta’s tower internal (mass transfer contact devices) which operating in the cyclic mode makes it possible to fully utilize the benefits (DWC).

Technological & Mechanical Advantages are Significant:

  1. Cyclic mode makes it possible to build trays of any geometric shape ( triangular, toroidal, etc.) without loss of efficiency. The liquid moves along the column in a vertical plane;
  2. The telescopic structure of the column increases the separation efficiency. The common (recessed part of the column) can be considered as a reboiler for the first (upper column), since the highly volatile component of the mixture evaporates. And for the second column (bottom column) as a condenser for the heavy component;
  3. Coaxial columns have the same specificity;
  4. For traditional columns DWC, the number of trays in both parts of the column is rigidly tied to the height of the column. For cyclic columns DWC, the number of trays in both columns is autonomous;
  5. The supply in the cyclic version can be both in the upper and in the lower column, which opens up the possibility of working with mixtures with a large difference in the volatility of the components;
  6. Since cyclic distillation is mainly intended for obtaining substances of high purity, then the selection of products goes only from the top and bottom of the column (selection from the middle part of the column does not give the required purity, I am opposed to this from personal experience).

Benefits to use DWC technology:

  • In case solution of technological task in the one column you can save up to 20-30% in capital invested and energy costs, with decreasing operational costs to 25%.
  • Reduced number of equipment units;
  • High thermodynamic efficiency due to reduced remixing effects;
  • The DWC column on their flow structure close consisting of two fully thermally coupled distillation columns (high thermodynamic efficiency).
  • Solved the problem of the organization of the fluid flow on the tray. The liquid overflow takes place in the vertical plane without using any specific overflow devices (internal distribution);
  • The uniform arrangement of liquid on the trays;
  • We use any geometric configuration of the trays (segment of a circle, triangle, square, cross-section of the torus).

Customer advantage:

  • Consumes less space;
  • Reduce energy and investment costs;
  • Better process control;
  • Ordering the distillation system from one vendor turnkey.

Telescopic & Coaxial Distillation Column:

Engineering Services:

Our company supplies all engineering service for DWC column including design, additional equipment, installation, construction and post-guaranty service.

We can make investment evaluate of your project in case using our DWC technology.


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