Distillation column manufacturer

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC is manufacturer, exporter and supplier of highly efficient distillation column which basis on innovation technology of cyclic distillation. Producing equipment based on using quality materials, international standards and designed by the team of expert engineers. Our distillation tower for sale is widely used in distillation, reactive distillation, stripping and absorption in continuous and batch distillation system.

MaletaCD produce many types of distillation columns:

  • Absorption columns
  • Azeotropic distillation columns
  • Dividing-Wall Column (DWC)
  • Extraction distillation columns
  • Fractional distillation columns
  • Reactive distillation columns
  • Rectification distillation columns
  • Stripping distillation columns
  • Vacuum distillation columns


  • Distillation Columns up to 4m Diameter


  • Pressure to 40 atmospheres
  • Vacuum


  • Maleta’s tray (work in cyclic mode)
  • Combination tray: Maleta’s tray + Packed

Main benefits:

The cyclic mode allows process intensification of mass transfer in the distillation column. The introduction of this mass transfer mode at industrial scale can provide considerable benefits in terms of:
  • Lower capital expenditure (CapEx) due to the lower number of trays required.
  • Reduced energy requirements and significant savings in operating costs (OpEx).
  • Increased quality of the products, due to higher separation efficiency.
  • Higher yield and equipment capacity as compared to conven¬tional distillation.


Using our distillation columns you have less investment and maintenance cost, because it has more high efficiency of mass transfer as results - smaller diameter and lower height of distillation column. For our customers we offer short deadlines and individual discount system.

For our customers we offer short deadlines and individual discount system.


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