Refrigerants Recovery Fractional Unit

Distillation Unit for Recovery Refrigerants Mixtures

The recovery of hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants will eliminate billions tons of greenhouse gases.  A study published by EOS Climate shows that by 2040, we could have avoided about 18 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) if only 30 % of hydrofluorocarbon were properly reclaimed (recovered) for reuse. Eliminating the possibility of a similar volume of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere over the next 25 years is equivalent to removing thousands of vehicles with internal combustion engines from the roads.

Recycling of HFCs is the process of recovering recovered refrigerants in such a way as to bring their performance in line with the established requirements of the standard. At the same time, the composition of the refrigerants is systematically subjected to chemical analysis, which makes it possible to establish whether the required characteristics have been achieved or not. Processing procedures and subsequent chemical analysis that can be carried out either in special installations or in factories that produce the refrigerant.

The traditional technology of recovery does not practice recovery of refrigerants from their mixtures. However, real circumstances force us to attempt to develop such a unique technology that will solve this problem.

The cyclic distillation technology can solve this issue. Due to the high mass transfer efficiency, the refrigerant mixture can be fractionated to the required purity in a batch distillation unit, the flowsheet of which is shown below.

 Refrigerants Recovery Fractional Unit


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