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The Maleta cyclic distillation LLC Company is supplier of complex equipment for producing ethanol food grade and fuel ethanol. Our Company owns the technology and equipment for the implementation of projects for the entire life-cycle of production fuel ethanol and ethanol food grade.

Ethanol is a product of processing raw material

a. Wheat, rye, corn, rice, barley
b. Molasses
c. Cellulosic
d. Processing of agricultural products (starch-containing raw materials) and food waste


The main technological department of the ethanol plant

  • Long-term storage of raw materials warehouse
  • Department for drying and cleaning raw materials (grain)
  • Department grinding of raw materials and batch (mixing) preparation
  • Department of mechanics - fermentation processing
  • Fermentation department
  • Distillation department
  • Division of waste management (DDGS production)


The addition department of the ethanol plant

  • Power unit (boiler and transformer stations)
  • Water supply system (artesian wells, pumping - station and water station)
  • The system of circulating water (pumping station, cooling tower)
  • The cleaning unit or disposal of waste water
  • Warehouses for storage of auxiliary materials
  • Storage of ethanol and cargo terminals
  • The laboratory
  • Administrative buildin

Maleta cyclic distillation LLC offers comprehensive solutions in production ethanol "turnkey", with capacity from 5 000 to 100 000 liters per day.

Our advantages it's professionalism, openness and accessibility, individual approach to each client and high corporate culture.

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