Methanol recovery distillation column

The distillation unit is intended for the recovery/regeneration of methanol from different components by distillation: methanol – water; acetone – methanol; methanol – ethanol; acetone – methanol – ethanol and others.

I. Recovery methanol from water

Distillation column operation in continues mode, 24 hr/day. Distillation unit capacity can be from 10 to 100 Mt/d. Example of distillation unit component: distillation column; heat exchangers; reboiler; condensers; reflux tank; cooler of final product; automation system; pumps; automatic and manual valves; pipes; steel construction and others. Bottom product in reboiler evaporates through feed water steam. Condensate returned to the boiler. Methanol 99.0-99.5 % vol. is concentrated at the top of the distillation column and removed from the reflux tank through the cooler of final product to storage tank. Concentration of methanol in the waste water is about 0.05% vol. Water for cooling can be used urban network or cooling tower.

II. Recovery methanol from acetone

Distillation unit included two distillation columns and additional equipment. It is operation in continues mode, 24 hr/day. The feed of distillation unit can be different value 20/80; 50/50 and others. Distillation unit capacity can be from 10 to 100 Mt/d. For recovery acetone to 99.0-99.5 % vol. and methanol to 99.0-99.5 % vol. we should add to the system water to hydro-selection. In this case we fully recovery acetone and methanol.

III. Recovery methanol from acetone and ethanol

For recovery methanol 99.0-99.5 % vol. from acetone and ethanol we should use two distillation columns and additional equipment. In case, that you need recovery 3 key components we should use three distillation columns or one DWC-column and one distillation column.

Our company is development solution (recovery distillation unit) according technical request of our clients. We have flexible pricing and use a lot of innovation and know-how.

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